Who was the most fun on set? The most fun, I would say Amy. Amy and I had a good laugh. We goofed around a lot when there was in between stuff and it wasn’t work.
Henry Cavill

Amy Adams photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, August 2014

Amy Adams as the new image for the Max Mara Accessories Fall Winter 2014-15 Campaign.


Amy Adams for Max Mara Timeless is Now Directed by Mario Sorrenti.

Grace Kelly is my fashion icon. There was this regal quality she had and yet there was a down-to-earth quality, as well. She allowed people to see when she was with her children, with her family… a sense of fun, a sense of humor. And yet, she carried that alongside great intelligence.
There are so many things in my life that keep me grounded. One of the things I value the most is nature. If I ever feel overwhelmed… just stepping outside, listening to the birds, feeling the sun, the very basic elements of the earth… all of those things are so special and timeless to me. Timeless to me is authentic. Timeless is now.


Amy Adams photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Max Mara Fall 2014.

Amy Adams for Max Mara’s Fall Accessories Ads
Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

get to know me meme:  [1/5] favorite actresses

Amy Adams:  “I was the dork in high school who sang musical numbers up and down the hallways.


First-class move: Amy Adams gives up seat to serviceman on flight

(Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters file)

Actress Amy Adams pulled a first-class move on Friday during a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles when she gave up her prime seating to an American serviceman who was also on the plane. 

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Summer Vacation Semi Hiatus

Hello, I just want to say that I won’t be here from 6/5 until 6/28 for vacation so I won’t be posting any updates on Amy or her movies or responding to questions until I come back. Just wanted everyone to know before I leave for 3 weeks. <3


Films watched in 2014: Julie and Julia directed by Nora Ephron

I cook my way through Julia Child’s cookbook; 365 days, 524 recipes and I am risking my well-being for a deranged assignment

Anonymous asked:
"any news about superman 2?"

Well the official name is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice if you didn’t know that yet. You can follow the facebook page or twitter for more information.